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For many patients, just thinking about visiting the dentist is enough to cause panic. They get very nervous and suffer from extreme anxiety. This is often caused from past experiences, usually from their childhood. Traumatic experiences in somebody´s childhood can generate stress and panic at every dental visit, even decades later.

We try to make your stay as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

Therefore, we offer you the latest technology of gas anesthesia system from the U.S. The nitrous oxide sedation makes dental treatments much easier. After a few inhalations, the patient feels very relaxed, but not asleep. After the treatment is completed, the nitrous oxide is replaced by oxygen, which brings the patient back to consciousness. All signs of drowsiness and fatigue disappear, allowing you to do everything normal as before. Even driving a car is safe and possible.
Nitrous oxide reduces the sensation of pain and leads to a light-headed and pleasant feeling in a short period of time. The constant observation of the pulse and the oxygen saturation in the blood enables the perfect control of the gas anesthesia and oxygen concentrations to reach the best results. The vision changes and a tingling sensation is felt all throughout the body.

Furthermore, the acoustic perception is notably changed. This state is often described as a kind of hypnosis or trance.

99.9 % of the nitrous oxide is not metabolized and is expulsed out of the body in the same form and quantity as you exhale it.

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