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What is decay? Decay is the destruction of the teeth's tissues. This is caused by the presence of acid produced by the bacteria in the plaque from the tooth's surfaces.


Decay can be serious if left untreated because it can destroy the tooth and get into the nerve, which will cause an infection at the end of the tooth root. When this occurs, the only treatment is a root canal therapy, surgery, or tooth extraction.

The fillings consist of cleaning the decay and filling it with a composite. This way, the tooth is preserved and will help maintain the aesthetic and function of the tooth. We can also rebuild fractured teeth, or teeth that have suffered tooth wear, and can replace the old mercury fillings for more aesthetic white composite fillings. The mercury fillings, besides not being aesthetic, are damaging to your health, since these are composed of mercury and silver.


In our clinic, composite fillings are moulded perfectly and hardened with an ultraviolet light. This filling has a natural tooth colour and therefore, completes its aesthetic purpose.