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Full Ceramic Reconstructions
Inlays, Onlays and Overlays

Dental inlays and onlays are a medium between dental crowns and fillings. They are positioned on the back teeth which have decay. Not only this, but inlays and onlays can also be placed on teeth that have undergone some fracturing; for more serious damage a dental crown would probably be most effective.

The two main types of inlays and onlays are made from resin or porcelain, but they can also be made of gold. However, the inlays and onlays are often more appealing as porcelain and resin as they can be coloured to look natural. This usually makes dental inlays and onlays a popular choice for those wishing to replace unattractive fillings that are made from metal.


Once the decay is removed, if the space left is small, an inlay will be placed, and if the space is large, an onlay will be necessary. Onlays are placed when the decay is bigger. Finally, the material is bonded into place.