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Teeth have naturally very different shades and colours. Further discoloration can be caused by coffee, cigarettes, black tea, wine, and other stimulants on the teeth. Depending on consumption patterns and habits, discoloration will continue to affect the teeth throughout life. After a cleaning treatment, the real colour shade is revealed. Therefore, you can proceed with the bleaching to acquire the desired colour.

How it's done:

Whitening is achieved by eliminating the present surface colour particles on the tooth without destroying the tooth´s hard tissue.

The system we use at German Dental Clinic is the very gentle ZOOM® bleaching system. First, the gums are covered with a special protective gel. The gel is then set with a special light. The whitening gel is then applied to the teeth and activated by ultraviolet light. Treatment may be repeated up to three times in one session until the desired shade is achieved. Once the desired shade has been reached, the product is removed and the area thoroughly rinsed with water.