German Dental Clinic
German Dental Clinic

Surgical Services

We offer the following surgical services:

Of destroyed, wisdom, and broken teeth.

Apex Resection
For the conservation of a tooth that has swelling or a cyst at the apex (lower part of the root) after the failure of a root canal.

Periodontal Treatments
Surgical treatment for the cleaning of teeth and gums, and the ability to regenerate bone defects of individual teeth.

Gum Tissue Graft
Reconstruction of the gum and gingival tissue transplantation when the gum is receding.

Replacement for teeth which can be attached to crowns, dentures, or bridges.

Bone Regeneration
Bone graft / Sinus lift : elevation of the sinus and reconstruction of the bone when there is insufficient bone mass for the implants.

Pre-prosthetic Treatment
Reconstruction of the jawbone before placing the prosthesis.